This is the first in a series of videos I will be putting together about the fishing destinations in Cuba. This particular video talks about questions you should ask yourself in order to choose the best destination for you.

During my past few saltwater trips, I have been thinking about some very simple things I think are useful in being prepared for success on the flats. On a whim, I made this short video at lunchtime with my guide in Cuba last month. I have a couple of warnings! First, it is as I said, done off the cuff. Secondly, these are very basic items and could be obvious for people who are expert at this kind of angling. That said, I think these two or three minutes point out some quick tips useful to beginning and intermediate flats anglers.

Tarpon fishing in Cayo cruz, cuba

In this video, my 15 year old son fights one of his first Cuban Tarpon. He had jumped and lost a nearly 100 pound fish earlier in the day. This 40 pounder was not so lucky, and stayed on the hook until the end.

Bonefishing, Cayo Cruz, Cuba

Sometimes you run in to skittish fish. In the following video, I was fishing a back bay near the boat launch at Cayo Cruz nearing the end of our day. As you can see, the weather was a bit tough. The fish we were seeing were big, and they were nervous. The tide was on its way out, and I think these fish felt vulnerable and trapped. Love my body language in this video!


You can get around Havana in a lot of different ways. Walking is great. Collective taxis are inexpensive and a great experience. Regular taxis are good, but can get expensive if you use them several times a day. Bicitaxis are used all over Cuba, by tourists and locals alike.



The channel that accesses the ocean at Zapata Cuba is famous. Think about the fact that this small waterway was cut through the mangroves by hand, and you start to see why. When fishing Zapata aboard the yacht Georgiana, your flats skiffs meet you at a small launch at the inland end of this channel. Once you are loaded up, the skiffs zip out the channel until they meet the salt.

permit release, gardens of the king, cuba

This Permit was landed the first morning of an exploratory trip to Gardens of the King last year. I was really lucky to be fishing with Cristian, owner of the outfitting company Fly Fishing the Run, and Coki the famous Avalon guide when we spotted 3 Permit sunning themselves on a calm, white sand flat. And, one ate........


Sometimes Bonefish don't realize that they are hooked. They swim with the school, going one direction and the next, until they finally feel the hook dig deep. Then off to the races. Here, 15 year old Teddy Covich experiences just this while at Cayo Cruz, Cuba.


If you want to know more about the quality of environment, watch this. Anderson Cooper and 60 Minutes explore and dive at Jardines de la Reina, Cuba, noted from marine biologists as one of the most preserved marine habitats on the planet.


There are some flies you just have to have for certain locations.  I love the Tarpon Toad for Tarpon fishing in many places, including Cuba. On a recent trip to Gardens of the King I fished with Cristian, owner of Fly Fishing the Run who outfits two different locations in Cuba. He turned me on to his variant of the Toad, and it has been a favorite of mine ever since.


One of the famous places in Havana is Parque Centrale in old Havana. When you go there, it is likely that you will see a group of men crowded together, talking and waving their arms, and generally seeming passionate about something. And passionate they are. This is the famous "Esquina Caliente" or "hot corner" which is baseball slang for third base. The tradition for these men is to meet here to discuss everything teams, who will win what, best players, arguments over an umpire's name it. In a recent visit, I was accosted by one of the fans who talked my ear off.

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