I have enjoyed the fly fishing and diving in Cuba in many ways. The flats and habitat seem endless and
access is controlled and regulated so it can’t get ‘loved to death’. Add knowledgeable guides, dependable infrastructure,
drop dead great scenery and some urban Cuban culture in Havana on the way in and out and it all comes together as a complete and fantastic experience

Brian O'Keefe-Famed photographer and traveling angler

The trip was a fantastic mix of learning and fishing. Making the rounds in Havana before heading out to the Zapata peninsula made the trip far more informative about the whole of Cuba than it might have otherwise been. Jon does a great job of hosting the trip and providing meaningful thoughts on how Cuba works (not to mention how best to cast into the wind from the bow of a skiff). The trip exceeded expectations and left me with a desire to do it again. I would recommend this trip for both experienced and amateur saltwater fly anglers, and can’t say enough about the experience of seeing Cuba as it is today.

Geoff Wilson-client combo cultural/fishing trip

The Caddis Fly Angling Shop has been leading trips to Cuba for the past 10 years. The pristine habitat and species diversity keep us coming back time and time again. Add getting a chance to visit a country rich in culture with a populous yearning for visitors and you have the perfect fly fishing destination

Chris Daughters-Owner-The Caddis Fly Angling Shop and Cedar Lodge New Zealand



After traveling to other destinations like Belize, Bahamas, and Alaska it was time to see what all the Cuba buzz was about. Cuba was a fantastic destination for many different reasons. The fishing for a “non-peak” time of the year was great, with numerous different species available and plenty of shots. Aside from the diverse fishing of the Jardines area, Cuba itself was worth visiting to experience a culture that has rarely been seen by other Americans. The people, the food, and the fishing were fantastic. Can’t wait to go back!

Sean Visintainer-Owner-The Silver Bow Fly Shop, Spokane, Wa.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.15.09 AM.png

I had wanted to visit Cuba for years. After finally arranging a person-to-person permit to see Cienfuegos and Havana in January, Avalon invited my daughter and me to to extend our trip and fish Cayo Largo for a few days. The entire trip was a fantastic, eye-opening experience. A few days before we were to leave, Pres. Obama announced a rapprochement with the Cuban government. It was a fabulous time to be there...excitement and optimism surrounded us. I’m sure when we go back, Havana will be very different. But from what I learned of Avalon’s careful management of the several different flats destinations under their flyfishing license, however, I imagine that the flats fishing in Cuba will continue to be outstanding for years to come. Can’t wait to go back

David Ondaatje-Winston Rod Company


Jon did a great job. Important man to have along given the Cuba situation. Resolves all situations beautifully. I will travel with him again.

Paul Lombardi-client 

Many things stand out in the two weeks I spent in Cuba. The lush agricultural hub of the North. An endless system of coast keys. Wild, expansive, nobody is here tropical fishing flats. The one day when the air was so still the sky and sea became one. Pods of seventy pound migratory tarpon that would completely devoir any fly. Most impressive, however, were the single permits feeding in the sand trails behind sting rays. Large, spooky and AMAZING! Cuba is a necessity for any permit fishing junky.

Jim Gallagher-Owner-Troutwater Fly Shops and Guide Service, Ellensburg & Cle Elum, Washington


I thought I had seen many a pristine flat across the Caribbean. “Pristine” was redefined for me after a seeing the flats of Jardines De La Reina. Watching a Grouper or a Moray Eel in a few feet of water quickly brings one to the realization of what a virgin flat should look like. If the winter months are the “off” season, I can’t imagine what the peak season must be like! Permit here still act like all other Permit, but the shots are numerous, and the environment unique. The wonderful fishing is well paired with a wonderful countryside, warm people, good food, rich history and some of the most amazing American Steel in the form of Ford, Chevy, Pontiac, Willys and more! Let’s see; Fish, Cars, Cigars, Rum and Music…Why haven’t you already booked your trip?

John Huber-Author and General Manager at Picabo Angler