The small city of Trinidad was founded in 1514 by the Spaniard, Diego Valezquez. Since 1988, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is very popular with tourists. Like Vinales, I knew this was one of the places in Cuba I had to see, and to that end spent 3 days in this charming town. Again I opted for a private Casa rather than a hotel. This is the way to go if you are really wanting to interact with the Cuban people, and to learn more about their way of life. My casa had several rooms, at different levels, available for travelers to rent. As is usual in Cuba, 3 generations of the family lived in the house and were always willing to help and be of service. I came away from Cuba on this trip, certain that the Cuban people are the nicest and most accommodating you will find anywhere.

The city of Trinidad, nestled in the hills with the southern coast of Cuba only a few miles in the distance.

As with Havana and Vinales, my goal in Trinidad was to see and photograph as much of Cuban life as I could. Walking the backstreets, and getting out to the edges of town allows you to experience so much more than the average tourist.

At first glance, just a typical apartment building in Cuba. Look more closely at the men under the tree. They have a freshly butchered goat hanging, while they skin it, right outside the apartment!

Had to save this image for last. I never would have found this guy, or taken this photo, without adventuring outside the tourist zone. Love this guy....