Cayo Santa Maria is located on Cuba's northshore, and has long been known as one of the best Tarpon destinations in Cuba. Recently under the direction of Fly Fishing The Run, guests now stay  at the very quaint and comfortable Villas Las Brujas resort. The resort is located a short walk away from the marina where flats skiffs are moored, and the beach adjacent is as beautiful as any you will find in Cuba.

The habitat at CSM seems to be perfect for keeping Tarpon around all year long. During the migratory months of April-July, the really big Tarpon arrive, but throughout the year all sizes of fish seem to stay around. Fly Fishing the Run, is interested in exploring more of this area with anglers, in order to determine all the locations the Tarpon seem to favor, as well as discover more areas where Bonefish and Permit can be found. The Google Earth image of the area shows that the habitat here is diverse.

These exploratory trips will only be offered between October of 2015 and January of 2016. Please contact me for rates and availability. I can tell you that rates will be under $3000 per angler, but that rate will depend in part upon how many people in your group. This seems like a great  opportunity, and a way to visit Cuba without breaking the bank.