Gardens of the King is one of the newer fishing destinations in Cuba. I fished here with the outfitter briefly last Fall and had a very good experience. Known for having a population of both resident Tarpon, and a good number of larger migratory Tarpon in season, I decided to host a trip for June of 2017.

Great for myself, and anyone wanting more first hand information on this fishery, Dylan Rose from FlyWater just joined a group at Gardens of the King. Many of the same anglers were with Dylan and I last year aboard the Avalon Fleet 1 at Cayo Cruz. We had a really fun trip, although the Tarpon fishing was disappointing due to warmer than normal water conditions. These guys wanted big Tarpon, and so re-booked to GOK which has a reputation for its Tarpon fishing.

Dylan is going to send out a more formal report, and when he does I will post a link to it. In the meantime though, I know that I have people interested in joining along with me to GOK in 2017. The information Dylan has passed along to me is recent and accurate. My understanding is that this group of anglers jumped around 70 Tarpon for the week. Fish ranged in size from 30-130 pounds. I like the sound of that! Unlike my experience in the Fall, Tarpon were apparently not on the flats, but instead in the channels and deeper lagoons.

I am also very happy that the group found their accommodations at the Iberostar Ensencachos quite good. The previous resort used for this fishing package was rough around the edges to say the least, and although the change had been made to Ensenachos this was my first report from anglers. They found the rooms and food very good, although I think they were surprised at how large and sprawling the resort itself was. My understanding is that the cigar bar became their haunt in the evenings after fishing.

Please let myself or Dylan Rose at FLywater know if you have any questions about Gardens of the King. I have just a couple of spots left for June 24th through July 2nd, 2017.