In case you are in the New Jersey, New York market, I hope you will find time to visit the very fine fly fishing show put on every year in Somerset. This destination gets rave reviews from manufacturers, retailers, and lodges as being one of the best shows in the country. I will be doing 5 presentations during the 3 day show. Several of them are about Cuba, and the others a primer to fishing in Patagonia. I hope to see you! Here is the schedule:

Friday January 27th: 11am-12pm on Cuba at the Adventure Theater & 3pm-4pm on Patagonia at the Westfield Room

Saturday January 28th: 3pm-4pm on Cuba at the Bedminster Room

Sunday January 29th: 1pm-2pm on Cuba at the Bernardsville Room & 3pm-4pm on Patagonia at the Westfield Room