I have an old fishing buddy that claimed to have a lucky cap and sweater. And he was serious. The cap came with him when he moved from the East Coast, and was advertising his favorite baseball team.....the Red Sox. And then there was the sweater. Now, you needed a sweater for most of the steelhead fishing we were doing mind you, but it was old and ratty, and ill-fitting. Nevertheless, Nate landed more steelhead than anyone I knew, and since he was always wearing the Red Sox cap and old sweater, it was hard to say whether they had an effect or not.

But, I have to say that I am coming around to Nate's way of thinking. I have been unbelievably lucky this year in Cuba, when it comes to landing Permit. After I landed a really big fish on Cayo Cruz this summer, I got to thinking about the fact that I was wearing my favorite Fishpond Sun Shirt, and Fishpond Board Shorts. Was there something to it? And I thought, what the hell, how is it going to hurt if I wear that shirt and shorts every day?

Now I am really screwed up. I caught 2 Permit in 3 casts this last trip. How am I ever going to fish a saltwater flat again without this shirt and shorts? What happens when I wear them out, or get too fat to fit in them? Does it have to be these exact pieces of clothing, or can I replace them with new versions of the same? Shit.....

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