I received an e-mail a few days from Rob Born who was referred to me by a local fishing dealer. Rob told me he was on his way to Cuba next month to play baseball, and wanted to get a day or two of fishing in. After we talked about his fishing options, I wanted to know more about the baseball, because as of yet I have not seen a game in Cuba. That lead to the response from Rob below, and a link to his Flicker account full of fantastic images. Check it out.

"This is the third trip I've done to Cuba to play with a traveling squad against local Cuban teams through a State Department athletics travel exemption.  Many of our players are former collegiate players in their 30s and 40s and even 50s.  Our opponents are often former Cuban pro players in the same age range, some with Pan American team experience and a few with Olympic experience.  I don't need to tell you that baseball fever is strong there and they are excellent players.  In the two prior trips, I think our combined record was 2-12.  We play in a variety of places - Pinar Del Rio, Havana. Cienfuegos, and Matanzas (but never Ive never played on the the east end of the island).   About half the time we get to play in the pro stadiums.   We did a side trip to watch the Industrials one year.  Man, you have got to do it. Incredible passion.  People throwing chickens in the air when runs are scored, crazy antics during the warm ups, passionate arguing, etc. "