(originally posted 2/4/2015)

Cayo Cruz is on Cuba's north coast, and is the newest fishing destination in the country for Avalon. Most of the year, guests stay in the town of Brasil, in a hotel called Casa Romano. This building was at one time the home of the American who owned the town's sugar cane factory. From Casa Romano, it is a nearly one hour commute by car each day to and from the marina where flats boats are launched. This will all change in the not too distant future, as the causeways leading to the outer cayes are undergoing major renovation, and hotels and resorts are already planned and in some cases under construction. This means that the drive will take less time, and that ultimately there will likely be a land based operation closer to the launch point.

As another option, Avalon will be using Avalon Fleet 1 as a live-aboard for groups of anglers during the migratory season for larger tarpon. Cayo Cruz is renowned for its great population of Permit, not to mention large Bonefish. But, during the months of April, May and June, Tarpon migrate south down the Bahamas Channel. The Avalon Fleet 1 will be able to anchor in locations that will allow anglers access to these migratory Tarpon, as well as the Permit and Bonefish flats.

La Casona Romano is an old sugar plantation house, located in the small town of Brasil.